Monday, 25 March 2013

Weather Watching Shares

Sad weather watchers like me, use many tools, to try and get info, which may or may not, lead to an edge, which also, may or may not, lead to profits.

Its not clear cut .. weather never usually is .. thou, some days, its easier than others.

Remind me one day, to tell the story, of the last day - SA v Aus, Wanderers 2011.

Anyway .. Betfair, have live video from some cricket grounds, and when TV goes off, saddos can often be found glued to it.

About a yr ago, I got interested in a company called Perform Group Ltd, who supply video feeds on certain sports, as well as in-running data.

Here is their chart .. from IG Index.

They have had a spectacular run .. and I cant help feeling, Betfair should have bought this company, rather than wasted .. on LMAX.

** Disclaimer **

I hold shares in Perform .. I sold all my holdings in Betfair, last yr.

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