Wednesday, 6 March 2013

1st Test - New Zealand v England - Dunedin - Day 2

Very fresh early on, but some definite blue sky, and no reason not to think, they will get 90+ overs in today.

The forecasts, for Saturday in particular, are a little more mixed, but, I think we can expect, maybe 350 overs, in this test match, if they are required.

The ground appears to have drained ok.

Early on :

NZ  9  (has to drift, quickly)

Eng 3.1

Draw 1.70

I laid a lot of 1.70 - 1.72, early, and as play started, it went out to 1.80.

Ball doesn't really appear to be doing that much, and think Eng will score plenty (run line about 395), and am anxious not to be against the draw .. I think it has room, to go much lower.

Eng 19-3

NZ 6.2

Eng 3.1

Draw 1.92

All 3 prices are interesting ..

Drinks : Eng 35-3

NZ 7.8

Eng 3.15

Draw 1.78

Draw looks short enough, but cant back Eng at 3.15, and cant fancy NZ, fullstop.

Sit on hands time.

Just before Lunch, Eng 71-5 .. looking rusty, as its not that sorta pitch.

NZ  4.0

Eng 3.6

Draw 2.08

Given the draw was 1.70 before play, 2.1 seems just daft .. with blue skies etc.

Am laying draw - run spread now .. 234

Will catch a few hrs sleep, and may come back, after Tea.


Am I still dreaming ?

The mighty England score 167, and NZ are 68-0, blue sunshine, with 20 odd overs left in the day.

NZ 2.08

Eng 8.4

Draw 2.44

Am against Draw, and have comedy green on Eng .. level on NZ .. would like to see some wkts.



NZ 131-0 ...

NZ 1.94

Eng 18.5

Draw 2.3

Have some problems with my book here, but, I wouldnt neccesarily blame myself, as its a rare occurence for Eng to get rolled for 160 in a day, and then concede 130 for 0.

Not sure of a way forward .. if there is one ..  will give it some thought.

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