Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Backing of Players

For some time, it has been 'normal' within the poker community, for players to sell pieces of themselves, for certain high-stake tournys.

For example, for a $10000 buy-in event, a player may sell 50% of himself, normally, at a small mark-up .. to cover his/her experience/expenses.

If they guy wins, or cashes, u get a share of the win, depending on how much u have bought.

I have never backed anyone in the US .. thou have backed in the UK, so, have no idea, what the tax rules are for the US.

A poker site has just been created,

which now does this, thru a website ..

I wouldnt be interested, just yet, but can see a day, when professional gamblers are backed .. thou, transparency, is a MAJOR problem.

Handle with care ..

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