Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday, Poker Tourney

I play in 3 regular Tourneys each week :

Monday - £50 freeze out - 55 players - social, but still a fair level - only 5000 starting chips

Wednesday - £80 - 1 re-buy, up to 1st level - v strong players - 8000 starting chips

Sunday - £110 - 1 re-buy, up to 1st level - v strong players - 10000 starting chips

Of the 3, Monday is by far the weakest, as some of the top players, dont enter.

Last night, I had a decent table draw early, with just 1 good player, and 5 social ones.

The good player, is my absolute nemesis, and he must have knocked me out of more Tourneys, than just about anyone else.

We play each other strongly, and even thou, we know the fish are to be targeted, dont shy away from a fight.

Fortunately, he was card dead early, and I was able to catch him with a weak stack, on a semi-bluff, with pocket Q, when he had 10♥ 7♥ .. my cards held up, and knocked him out.

From that point, even thou there was 45 people left, I would have priced myself, 4/1 to win the whole thing.

I had one of the softest tables, I have ever been at .. raising decent blinds, 7 times in a row, and never getting played back at .. so, destroyed that table, and got moved to another, with 27 players left, and me on a stack of about 45k - Total chips in play - 275k.

1st hand at the new table, I have a lady on my left, I have never played with before.

She has 15k in chips.

I raise under the gun, with 6♥ 3♥

Blinds were, 200/400, so I raise to 1000.

She calls.

Everyone else folds, and flop comes 8♣ 4♠ 2♦

She bets, 2000, and I call.

Turn comes, 8♦

I shove, all-in, and she has a small think, and folds. I show her the bluff, and establish myself, again, as the table bully.

With about 20 players left, I pick up a nice hand, of K♣ J♣

There were some shorts stacks, and basically, a 25k pot, plus side pots, is established, between 5 players.

The other 5 players had : A♠ 10♥ - 4♣ 4♥ - 9♦ 9♠ - 7♥ 8♦

So, a fair selection to dodge, but, I hit my K, and knock-out 3 more.

From there, I have 75k in chips, and wait for the blinds to start eating away, at the short-stacks, before bullying some more.

A final table is established, and I really like my chances.

4 players left, there is just 1 player, who has a slightly smaller stack than me, the other 2, hanging on.

They ask for a deal, and I am not interested .. it was late, but, the deal they want, is too much, given their stacks, and the other big stack and I, just pick them off.

So, its heads up, for £800 1st prize, £600 2nd.

Its about 2.30am, and, after 10 or so hands, we just decide to split everything.

Am knackered, but Tuesday is a soft day, (especially as Aus are getting rolled, by India), so, can sleep late.

Nice to win .. saw pocket Q twice, and pocket K, once .. at some tables, u just dont need cards.

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