Monday, 4 March 2013

The Draw

In the 2011-12 season, I make it there were 10 draws. from 41 games.

U would think there would be more .. shows, the impact of pyjama cricket.

5 of those, involved S.Africa, but it wasnt just Smith being negative (hes becoming more daring, with his declarations - it was largely the rain)

So, a draw does occur, roughly 1 in every 4 games.

Drawn games, were :

RSA v NZ - Wellington .. wet

RSA v NZ - Dunedin  .. wet

WI v Aus - Port of Spain .. wet

WI v Eng - Edgbaston .. Mega wet

SL v Pak - Colombo - wet

SL v Pak - Palekele- Day 2 lost - wet

RSA v Eng - Headingley - wet

RSA v Aus - Gabba - Day 2 lost

RSA v Aus - Adelaide - non rain affected, draw

Eng v Ind - Nagpur - non rain affected draw

So far, in 2013, we have had 7 tests, with no draws.

One must be due soon.

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