Thursday, 18 September 2014

Champions League T20

So, after some qualifiers, the tournament proper started yesterday.

The first game was in Hyderabad .. a ground well known for chasing, and .. eventually, the chasing side KKR, did get there, but not before they touched 14/1 in running.

Traded totals on the game were  high -- GBP 32 m on Betfair ..

I had some bad initial trades .. not knowing KKR were missing 2 key players, but managed to turn it round.

Quite why, even the TV companies, hide the team sheets, till almost play-start time, is open to debate, but, these mkts are deep enough, so u can pick your spots.

CSK as ever, have mountains of money to support them .. am sure a blind strategy, to just back at certain levels, and trade out, would be profitable.


The Scottish independent vote is today, and I have a massive position on No, at 1.37 average (currently 1.21).

I will be stunned, if I don't collect.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Millions by the Minute

Have just watched this show on Iplayer.

Its ok, but, was interesting from a few standpoints.

Firstly, the traders featured, were declaring expected daily win rates, of maybe $1-2k. I thought this was low, but leave that aside for a moment.

Its does highlight, that most successfull traders, don't often have home run wins, where they win a gazillion. Instead, they tend to repeat, smallish type wins. Obviously, the smaller wins have less risk, and add up.

This is a methodology I tend to repeat in my sports trading. I do have home runs, but, rarely lose .. at least lose a lot .. and, it does add up.

If u get a chance, read the 'Wizard' books, by Jack Schwager


They are interviews from super traders, and their methodologies are worth reading.

It was also apparent traders feel they can now trade from home, on, a not uneven playing field, and if u search youtube, u will find many traders, showing videos of how they trade.

I have often wondered what 20 hours of a successful sports traders videos would be worth .. probably quite a lot, but, its hard to make people think its worth it  (if they are gonna pay, for the privaledge).

I like the route, Mark Iversen has taken with CricIntel.

By trying to get a different revenue stream, it protects poor trading periods, and maybe brings more people to the market.

I am not sure, the market is big enough .. I hope it is .. and for now, am buying the info packs.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Dont worry, Be Happy

I have been doing a LOT of travelling around Africa, (not just to find an easy Golf Course to shoot 90 on), thou that's part of it ..

In one place, I stayed at a lodge, where some Jehovah's Witnesses stayed .. (if your head drops, I can understand) . but, they told me stories/facts, that they had local meetings, where 80,000 people turned up, and had over 1500 baptisms.

I manged to avoid conversation on the 1st night, but, on the second, they got me, and we had a discussion. I got a free pen.

They are nice people.

For a lot of them .. possessions inhibit you (maybe that's why I got the pen) ..

The next day, I was playing 9 holes of golf, and was talking to my caddie. I like to take a caddie, as he has better eyes than me to find my ball, and I have someone to talk to .. as most people now avoid me.

He has 2 kids, 2 and 6, and they go to school. From where he stays, it costs him $3 return trip, to get to the golf course, and when he works, he gets $10 for 9 holes, or $20 for 18. There are 110 caddies waiting for a bag .. so, they work maybe 4 times a week, (as people are not playing Golf so much). So, his income is maybe $100 a week.

The school fees for the kids, are $25 a term - each.

U can see, its a struggle, and people are living hand to mouth, but, respect the law, and are peaceful people.

(I asked my taxi driver what he pays in school fees .. he replied $300 a term  but, that's for a school 2 hrs drive away, so she boards)

((Some of the top boarding schools in Africa cost $6,500 a term .. some kids .. who might see this, might see how much their parents love them))

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tennis Court-siding

This account of the life behind Tennis court-siding, is one of the most insightful write-ups, I have ever read, and full credit must go to Carl Bialik.

I have read 75% of the book .. Game, Set, Cash !! and its disappointing .. in that its really just a continual re-hash, of,  they go to events, with cell-phone systems, and press buttons/evade security, and get drunk.

I have never traded Tennis, to any intent, and am bored stiff by the game. U would have to pay me .. lots, to watch that drivel, day in, day out .. but, thats probably just me.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Golf gone backwards ..

Deep sigh.

Been doing a huge amount of travelling, and the golf cubs didnt get to go along.

Just picked up a set, and went for a game, and it was horrible.

This game is evil. Want to break 90 really bad, but, have no facilities to hit balls, and am getting out of shape.

Gonna be a real battle this yr.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bit and pieces

A couple of court cases, doing the rounds.

1 was plainly stupid, and the other, is just stupid. U wonder who in charge, allows these cases to get so far ..

The plainly stupid one, was the case of the 22 yr old, Brit - Daniel Dobson, arrested at the Aus open tennis, for relaying data, back to his UK company.

They alleged, he was 'attempting to corrupt a betting outcome' .. Please, who are these idiots .. Anyway, case dropped, before it gets to court .. Hopefully, they get big costs awarded against them.

The second, is the case brought by Star TV, that basically, they own the scores to a game they cover, and ball-by-ball internet coverage, should be unlawful.

How they can own the score, is beyond me .. But, the case gets further along, on March 13.

A decent write-up, is here :


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 5 - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Newlands

Australia's game to win, but,this pitch is really holding together.

U wonder if the groundsman was reluctant to see the repeat if the game 3 yrs ago, when S.Africa were bowled for a 100, and Aus 47, leaving the game over in 3 days ....

Anyway, 4 down at the start of play, they just lose the night watchman in the morning session .. 122-5 at Lunch .. New ball due soon.

Ab dev and Faff have records for batting long, in this sort of situation .. They might have a chance ..


Tea - S.Africa 201-7 ..hanging on .. But, it's not easy for Australia .. Thou ball is now doing stuff.

Game yo-yo a bit .. With Aus going 4.3 at one point, but, they finally win, as Harris gets 2 in 3 balls, with 4 overs left in the game.

A great test match .. Aus deserved to win the series .. Thou, some of their on-field behaviour, is crass.