Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Life Values

There is a point to this Blog post . thou, it may take you a while to find it.

If u decide to go back to sleep, I couldn't really blame you ..

On that promising note, lets begin.

So, last week, I was in a random Holiday Inn, which I couldn't really fault, apart from the cumberland sausages, which tasted like paper. Passing the time over breakfast, I was scanning the Tv, and its subtitles had this enlightening message :

A boy was walking along a beach, picking up starfish, and throwing them back in the sea.

A man asked him what he was doing.

The boy replied, that the tide had stranded the starfish, and unless he threw them back they would die.

The man said, but surely you realise there are miles and miles of beach, with thousands of starfish. You cannot possibly make a difference.

The boy listened politely, then threw another starfish into the sea. It made a difference for that one.

Ok, so that's deep shit - what the point.

Well as Harry Bosch would say, everyone counts, or no-one counts. (Hes a fictional murder detective, and his point is, to investigate all cases, whatever the profile of the case, in equal fashion).

Today I was in a sports shop, looking to buy some table tennis balls.

The only pack they had in white, had one damaged ball. They had others, for the same price, but they were orange. And I wanted white.

I asked if I could get a discount, for the damaged ball. Now, I dont care about the discount, and wasn't going to hold up the queue of people, waiting to pay for other stuff - but, its all about value.

So, got the cashier to phone the supervisor. The supervisor calculated a 30p discount was fair. If I was really being grumpy, I might have debated the right discount .. but, didn't have the heart.

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