Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bit and pieces

A couple of court cases, doing the rounds.

1 was plainly stupid, and the other, is just stupid. U wonder who in charge, allows these cases to get so far ..

The plainly stupid one, was the case of the 22 yr old, Brit - Daniel Dobson, arrested at the Aus open tennis, for relaying data, back to his UK company.

They alleged, he was 'attempting to corrupt a betting outcome' .. Please, who are these idiots .. Anyway, case dropped, before it gets to court .. Hopefully, they get big costs awarded against them.

The second, is the case brought by Star TV, that basically, they own the scores to a game they cover, and ball-by-ball internet coverage, should be unlawful.

How they can own the score, is beyond me .. But, the case gets further along, on March 13.

A decent write-up, is here :


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 5 - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Newlands

Australia's game to win, but,this pitch is really holding together.

U wonder if the groundsman was reluctant to see the repeat if the game 3 yrs ago, when S.Africa were bowled for a 100, and Aus 47, leaving the game over in 3 days ....

Anyway, 4 down at the start of play, they just lose the night watchman in the morning session .. 122-5 at Lunch .. New ball due soon.

Ab dev and Faff have records for batting long, in this sort of situation .. They might have a chance ..


Tea - S.Africa 201-7 ..hanging on .. But, it's not easy for Australia .. Thou ball is now doing stuff.

Game yo-yo a bit .. With Aus going 4.3 at one point, but, they finally win, as Harris gets 2 in 3 balls, with 4 overs left in the game.

A great test match .. Aus deserved to win the series .. Thou, some of their on-field behaviour, is crass.



Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 4 - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Newlands

Captain Smith announces his retirement at the end of this Test. Ponting did similar, and lost his last Test. Think this may go, the same way.

He was a v decent captain, .. Far too conservative for my liking, in the early part of his career, but, has got better, in my eyes, over the last 3 yrs.

His run making, was always ugly, but, he got the runs .. Thou, in this series, his firm has been dire .. Averaging 8

Looking forward to 2 sessions of free batting .. Warner can do some real damage ...

Drinks - Aus 125-1 .. Lead by 332

Warner having some fun .. Expect dec, mid-way after lunch.

Aus went on a bit .. But, have no objections, as they scored so fast.

Setting S.Africa 520 or so, they were 4 down at the close, with the ball starting to reverse. Before it reversed, it was fairly easy to play .. But, if it continues int he morning, this should be over, by tea.

Aus 1.25

Draw 5.0


3rd Day - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Newlands

Clarke declares ..

At drinks, S.Africa 55-2, on a nice day for Ckt.

Think Aus will get steady wkts, draw at sub 2.00, is a lay.


At lunch, S.Africa 127/4 .. U would have to say, Aus on top.

S. Africa 370 behind, and the ball starting to reverse.

S.Africa 20

Australia 1.86

Draw 2.4


Tea .. S.Africa 200-6 .. 297 behind ..

Game is going quite slowly .. So, another maybe 10 overs lost to the game, but, if Aus get the last 4, tonite, this should set-up a v hard last day.

S.Africa 17

Australia 1.67

Draw 2.84


S.Africa 287 all out .. Not great, on a pitch that looked pretty fair for batting .. Trail by 210 ..

Aus will no doubt best for .. 50 odd overs, maybe more, score 200 and get S.Africa back in.

Time left in this game now .. Can't see how Aus don't win.

S.Africa 18

Aus 1.55

Draw 3.1


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 2 - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Newlands

Day 2 .. Aus finished at 331-3, with some brave cricket by Michael Clarke.

A little rain expected in the afternoon, but, clear for last 3 days of the match, so, shouldn't affect outcome.

My book is fucked .. Gonna turn the page.

Drinks .. 381-3 .. Still scoring quick, thou Abbott has bowled super. Steyn not in pitch, looks unlikely to play a part in this match.

S.Africa 20

Aus 2.0

Draw 2.18


Lunch - windy as anything, and mountain obscured by cloud .. It's raining on mountain, according to the idiots on the radio.

Aus 434-4 .. I reckon they look for 575 .. And put SA in, after a Tea.

S.Africa 23

Aus 2.06

Draw 2.10


39 overs in, and rain arrives and doesn't budge. 51 overs lost in the day .. 2 were lost on Day 1, so, despite 30 mins early start, day 3/4/5, overs being lost from the game.

Aus 494-7

Steyn may bowl in second inngs ..

The batting line-up for S.Africa does look a bit stronger, with Elgar and Du Plessis .. So, maybe they can hang on for a draw, .. Hard to see them winning.

S.Africa 17

Aus 2.34

Draw 1.90

Book still record losses ...



Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day 1 - 3rd Test - S.Africa v Australia - Cape Town

Some thoughts of a few showers, maybe, on day 1/2 of the test, but fine weather thereafter, so, hard to see a draw.

S.Africa 2.34

Aus 3.2

Draw 3.80


Aus win the toss, and decidet to bat. Warner plays as expansively as ever, and take Aus to 118-1 at Lunch .. SA bowled moderately.

S.Africa 4.3

Aus 2.34

Draw 3.0

Have a shit book .. Going for S.Africa / laying draw ...


SA got Doolan fairly early, but, despite a superb spell of bowling from Morkel, they couldn't get another. Clarke survived a fearsome spell .. And deserves to get a 50 ..

At Tea .. Aus 195-2 ..

S.Africa 6.4

Aus 2.2

Draw 2.58


Prices look about right, especially as Steyn off with a hamstring strain.

My book, looks max loss territory.


Aus 331-3 .. And am looking at largest loss for 10 yrs.


Hard to say anything else ..