Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bit and pieces

A couple of court cases, doing the rounds.

1 was plainly stupid, and the other, is just stupid. U wonder who in charge, allows these cases to get so far ..

The plainly stupid one, was the case of the 22 yr old, Brit - Daniel Dobson, arrested at the Aus open tennis, for relaying data, back to his UK company.

They alleged, he was 'attempting to corrupt a betting outcome' .. Please, who are these idiots .. Anyway, case dropped, before it gets to court .. Hopefully, they get big costs awarded against them.

The second, is the case brought by Star TV, that basically, they own the scores to a game they cover, and ball-by-ball internet coverage, should be unlawful.

How they can own the score, is beyond me .. But, the case gets further along, on March 13.

A decent write-up, is here :


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