Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Golf Highlights and Lowlights

So, at the start of the Year, it was definitely a goal .. really, the Number 1 goal, to break 90 on a proper golf course.

This isn't hard for mortals, with half-decent co-ordination/practise .. and I put in some serious effort, and finally cracked it, a few weeks ago, and have since recorded a 87 and 88.

My driving distance is improving, and am ashamed to say, today I hit a caddie (pretty much in my line), 210 yards away. He was ok, - a glancing blow on his forehead, but, I still wasn't v happy, and we did shout 'FORE' etc.

Needless injury is something no-one wants, and I will probably wait longer in future, for the slow-buggers in front, to get out of even, unrealistic range.

Anyway, am now a 19 handicap .. maybe 15 is a target to get down to, next yr.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Great memories ..

World news is v depressing right now, with atrocious things happening, it seems, just about everywhere.

I am not a political scientist, but wilfully taking someone elses life, just because they don't follow the same religion as u, looks like something, the world as a whole, will fight against.

Its hard to protect soft targets, and its easy to speculate, there will be more killing. Prayers go out, to everyone affected.

Thinking about life cut too short, it was a great sadness that Jonah Lomu, succumbed to his health problems.

I was lucky enough to watch a great deal of his career, and was even at THE match in Cape Town,  when he ran over Mike Catt. I have rarely seen such dominance. Looking at his tributes, he appears to have been a great father, and lived his life, purposefully.

 Its one of the greatest gifts of life, to have children - those that are lucky enough, know the joy of parenthood. As I get older, I really wish more people could lead happy lives, but, this week has seen, the ideologies of a few, make that less possible.

Monday, 16 November 2015

They dont want u to win ...

Its a problem.

If u are good at gambling, it seems, just about everywhere u want to ply your trade, has discovered bean-counters, who have obviously dissected each business revenue source, and recommended changes, to make more revenue/profit.

We have long known Betfair have Premium Charge, which some days, I can understand, as the markets are 'wrong', and u should be charged a premium for access to the idiots.

Casinos discourage Advantage Players, be they card counters, or player point whores.

Now, Poker Stars, have radically changed the elite poker rake-back system .. Super Nova Elite.

Poker has become far harder to beat online, and many pro players, now, are basically flat on the game, but, make money, getting rake-back, from the many thousands of hands they play each month.

(This can be real money .. they previously changed terms of play, from 12 tables max, to 24 tables max SIMULTANEOUS play, and used to offer bonuses of about $100k a yr, if u played for 12 hrs a day)

This will change from next yr (which is v controversial, as, to get to a certain rake-back status, u have to invest many hundreds of hours play, and cutting it off, with less than 3 mths notice, is seen by some, as breaking a contract).

Poker Stars say, they are changing the poker landscape, to make it easier for the recreational player .. and thus harder, for the professional, who they are trying to discourage. I can understand their logic .. player acquisition/player retention are key buzzwords, and certainly, public companies, owe their shareholders more than they do to professional gamblers .. but, u do need a base, for people to play with/against.

If companies like Betfair/poker Stars make it too hard for market makers/pro players, overall liquidity has to fall .. their has to be a balance.

Amaya, the holding company of Poker Stars, dropped 33% in the last few days ..

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pray for Rain

So, I am travelling thru the interior of South Africa .. and its v different.

There is dust everywhere, vast open tracts of land, with little sign of life. save for sheep and cattle, and its v apparent, they are in desperate need of serious rain.

Passing thru a small town, 11am, on a weekday, there was a congregation of about 200 people, outside a large farm goods store. I assumed, there must be an auction etc, of farming vehicles - but, on asking, was told, it was a prayer meeting, dedicated to the rain gods.

I recall reading recently, about a small african country, setting aside a national day of prayer, dedicated to asking for the Good lord, to help the countries leaders, decide etc .. but, this seemed more devout.

I hope it helps .. but, a few hours later, the sun is still beating down.