Sunday, 22 November 2015

Great memories ..

World news is v depressing right now, with atrocious things happening, it seems, just about everywhere.

I am not a political scientist, but wilfully taking someone elses life, just because they don't follow the same religion as u, looks like something, the world as a whole, will fight against.

Its hard to protect soft targets, and its easy to speculate, there will be more killing. Prayers go out, to everyone affected.

Thinking about life cut too short, it was a great sadness that Jonah Lomu, succumbed to his health problems.

I was lucky enough to watch a great deal of his career, and was even at THE match in Cape Town,  when he ran over Mike Catt. I have rarely seen such dominance. Looking at his tributes, he appears to have been a great father, and lived his life, purposefully.

 Its one of the greatest gifts of life, to have children - those that are lucky enough, know the joy of parenthood. As I get older, I really wish more people could lead happy lives, but, this week has seen, the ideologies of a few, make that less possible.

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