Friday, 13 November 2015

Pray for Rain

So, I am travelling thru the interior of South Africa .. and its v different.

There is dust everywhere, vast open tracts of land, with little sign of life. save for sheep and cattle, and its v apparent, they are in desperate need of serious rain.

Passing thru a small town, 11am, on a weekday, there was a congregation of about 200 people, outside a large farm goods store. I assumed, there must be an auction etc, of farming vehicles - but, on asking, was told, it was a prayer meeting, dedicated to the rain gods.

I recall reading recently, about a small african country, setting aside a national day of prayer, dedicated to asking for the Good lord, to help the countries leaders, decide etc .. but, this seemed more devout.

I hope it helps .. but, a few hours later, the sun is still beating down.

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