Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Golf Highlights and Lowlights

So, at the start of the Year, it was definitely a goal .. really, the Number 1 goal, to break 90 on a proper golf course.

This isn't hard for mortals, with half-decent co-ordination/practise .. and I put in some serious effort, and finally cracked it, a few weeks ago, and have since recorded a 87 and 88.

My driving distance is improving, and am ashamed to say, today I hit a caddie (pretty much in my line), 210 yards away. He was ok, - a glancing blow on his forehead, but, I still wasn't v happy, and we did shout 'FORE' etc.

Needless injury is something no-one wants, and I will probably wait longer in future, for the slow-buggers in front, to get out of even, unrealistic range.

Anyway, am now a 19 handicap .. maybe 15 is a target to get down to, next yr.

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