Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Absolutely, definitely on Holiday

Some people, (idiots), might say I am am permanent holiday .. but, they know nothing .. (there are lots of these types out there .. there has to be, just look at some of the markets).

Anyway .. am freeing up time in calender, to, have a proper go at doing nothing .. the problem is, the more I don't do things .. the more stuff crosses my mind, that needs to be done.

One of the things I am thinking about, is developing software for Matchbook. Currently, there appears to be 2 products for the site .. Geeks Toy and BfBotmanager, and I don't particularly like the current interface. So, am mulling whether to get involved with them, to ask them/pay them ? to change things, or just write another, from scratch .. based on Gruss.

Matchbook have been v helpful so far .. and are obviously trying to grow market share.

If I have the energy, I will promote the site  .. but, I cant really do that, without software .. so, either the holiday goes out the window, or, something else has to give.

Will see.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bfbotmanager has a sister site .., where u can become a tipster .. and, if u are any good .. can maybe sell your tips. I started an account .. its free to follow, for now .. but, am 3/3 on my first few tips  (9/1 treble). Nothing wrong with that.

Friday, 26 August 2016

The price of patience

Advantage gamblers need many disciplines .. one of which, is definitely self-control.

Self-control can form the realm of discipline of ones bank-roll, the avoidance of tilt .. and, in the general way, u go about helping others.

Writing a blog .. u get many novice gamblers, who ask 'stupid' questions. Stupid is probably wrong .. lets say, basic questions - They should have researched, and gone about trying to use my time, by asking a better question.

I am tired .. as is Bob Dancer .. if u dont know, do some google searches .. and have had enough of just plain giving.

Its taken me 15 yrs to learn these skills .. I refuse to donate them, any longer.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Book results, and a few other things

Finished listening to Mike Sextons, Lifes a gamble.. and, its a decent way to spend a few hrs.

He had the good fortune, to have some great associates, during his early years in Vegas, and, being hard-working and trustworthy, seems to have enjoyed the ride. We all have leaks, and, am pretty sure he regrets being so addicted to sports betting . but, hey, no ones perfect.

I am really uncomfortable, by the way the new Paddy Power/Betfair merger, has further sidelined the exchange. In the latest results, sportsbook revenue grew by 20%, exchange by 3%. Its hard to be positive, if u are an exchange player .. and, am looking for other avenues.

Manual traders, seem to me, to have the worst of it, on the exchanges .. especially as there is no differentiation in Premium Charge, between manual users, and those that have automated strategies.

I have looked at a few more betting tools, and BFBotmanager, is interesting. The software interface still needs work, but, they have a v interesting tipster site, from where people can buy strategies, to load into the software, from winning tipsters. This is a decent idea, and have started a tipping account.

My free dissemination of info on twitter, will be reduced dramatically .. like 95% .. there is no point, giving freeloaders info .. no-one pays, and, am tired of the overhead.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Some books to have a look at ..

I have always respected Mike Sexton - poker ambassador, and a big-cheese at Party Poker.

He tells his story, in - Lifes a Gamble .. and, it has some amazing stories.

Hes been in action his whole life .. but, it shows, just how much u can make, when u get it right, in stock market ventures.

His shares in Party Gaming, would have been worth $500 million, .. if he had not sold, 6 mths before, launch - for $15 million. The other partners gave him another $15 million, when they cashed in .. and $30m .. is not chump change, .. but, even so.

Have just bought - Tales from the Pit .. and will try read in the next day or so ..

The final book .. below, is one I have heard discussed many times, and, am sure its v useful, for USA based gamblers. Will add to my reading pile ..

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Traffic cones

I have often wondered, whats it like to go to a cricket match, in fancy dress . and, if I went, what would I go as ?

England has a merry assortment of characters, who like to dress up, and u see a motley selection of random individuals.

My favourites, are cookie monsters, sylvester, minions, bananas .. but of late, a growing trend, has been that of traffic cones .. to mimic, the sheer vastness of them, on every highway.

Its not much of a statement .. which is the way the British tend to do things .. understated ..

In the 2 months since the Brexit vote, the currency has devalued by over 15%, subsidies from the EU have been put on hold, valuable jobs, in the research arena, have been given to other countries, despite England having some of the best candidates.

I am no longer, so sure, Brexit will be a net positive for England .. and feel it will drag out .. a really long time.