Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Some books to have a look at ..

I have always respected Mike Sexton - poker ambassador, and a big-cheese at Party Poker.

He tells his story, in - Lifes a Gamble .. and, it has some amazing stories.

Hes been in action his whole life .. but, it shows, just how much u can make, when u get it right, in stock market ventures.

His shares in Party Gaming, would have been worth $500 million, .. if he had not sold, 6 mths before, launch - for $15 million. The other partners gave him another $15 million, when they cashed in .. and $30m .. is not chump change, .. but, even so.

Have just bought - Tales from the Pit .. and will try read in the next day or so ..

The final book .. below, is one I have heard discussed many times, and, am sure its v useful, for USA based gamblers. Will add to my reading pile ..

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