Thursday, 25 August 2016

Book results, and a few other things

Finished listening to Mike Sextons, Lifes a gamble.. and, its a decent way to spend a few hrs.

He had the good fortune, to have some great associates, during his early years in Vegas, and, being hard-working and trustworthy, seems to have enjoyed the ride. We all have leaks, and, am pretty sure he regrets being so addicted to sports betting . but, hey, no ones perfect.

I am really uncomfortable, by the way the new Paddy Power/Betfair merger, has further sidelined the exchange. In the latest results, sportsbook revenue grew by 20%, exchange by 3%. Its hard to be positive, if u are an exchange player .. and, am looking for other avenues.

Manual traders, seem to me, to have the worst of it, on the exchanges .. especially as there is no differentiation in Premium Charge, between manual users, and those that have automated strategies.

I have looked at a few more betting tools, and BFBotmanager, is interesting. The software interface still needs work, but, they have a v interesting tipster site, from where people can buy strategies, to load into the software, from winning tipsters. This is a decent idea, and have started a tipping account.

My free dissemination of info on twitter, will be reduced dramatically .. like 95% .. there is no point, giving freeloaders info .. no-one pays, and, am tired of the overhead.

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