Sunday, 14 August 2016

Traffic cones

I have often wondered, whats it like to go to a cricket match, in fancy dress . and, if I went, what would I go as ?

England has a merry assortment of characters, who like to dress up, and u see a motley selection of random individuals.

My favourites, are cookie monsters, sylvester, minions, bananas .. but of late, a growing trend, has been that of traffic cones .. to mimic, the sheer vastness of them, on every highway.

Its not much of a statement .. which is the way the British tend to do things .. understated ..

In the 2 months since the Brexit vote, the currency has devalued by over 15%, subsidies from the EU have been put on hold, valuable jobs, in the research arena, have been given to other countries, despite England having some of the best candidates.

I am no longer, so sure, Brexit will be a net positive for England .. and feel it will drag out .. a really long time.

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