Monday, 18 July 2016

2nd Test - England v Pakistan - Manchester (where it always rains)

So, we got the money, in round 1.

Pakistan deserved to win, but, if Stokes/Anderson come back, I think Eng are v decent favs, and would have to lay the 4.0 Pak.

Weather seems unsettled .. might get some disruptions .. one to watch.

4 days out :

Eng 2.02

Pak 4.1

Draw 3.85

(I am on the draw .. for now)


Eve of test .. weather picture got better, and am looking at a red book .. wont be the first time, I have gone into a test like that, and wont be the last .. will handle it.

Money for Eng ..

Eng 1.88

Pak 3.85

Draw 4.7

My net position s effectively laying Pak at 5.0, draw no bet .. not great, but, not the worst.

Will update the blog when I feel like it .. no one ever gives me a dime, so, its just for my own amusement anyway.


End Day 1 :

Eng used a v good toss, pretty well, and for me, Pak already all but, cant win.

Eng 1.43

Pak 18

Draw 4.0

Weather forecast for Sunday decidely iffy .. a little surprised draw is not trading a little shorter, especially given how pitch has played. U can def argue, Anderson/Broad will be good enuf, and thats a decent argument - but, have the draw, well on-side.

Current Book :

Eng +7 units

Pak  -12 units

Draw +24 units

I traded the day well .. someone kept offering 5.0+ Draw .. thats the sort of offer, I find hard to resist.

COP Day 3 .. Eng 490 ahead, batting again (which social media went crazy about .. which is the sort of thing it does).

Eng 1.1 chances, which is probably generous. I think Cook declares with maybe 50 more .. and they win pretty easy .. weather doesnt seem so bad.

I have flat/losing book .. but, I can live with it. (Going for Pak to trade sub 50, and against draw).

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