Monday, 4 July 2016

More of the same ... Apple - U are rotten to the core

I have a list of companies I wont give the time of day to, and Apple and Virgin Trains, are right up there.

The customer service is pathetic, rude, and unhelpful.

They genuinely think they are doing u a a favour, letting u, buy their wares.

When a recent apple Ipad stoped charging, I was forced to waste 15 mins on the website, to book an appointment on the 'Genius' Bar. U cant book on the website .. they don't let u know this .. but, expect u to walk into the shop, to be given a slot, 1-2 hrs later, when it suits them.

No apologies for anything .. just, suck it up. Then, they are not allowed to open the piece of crap .. but, can let u upgrade to a replacement model, for not far short of full cost. Complete xxxxx, IMHO, I hope they go bust.

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