Thursday, 7 July 2016

Keep Clam and Proofread

The generally, miserable summer in England continues apace, with more games either shortened or called off.

This has given me more time .. travelling to the scheduled cricket games, which, seem purposefully, to be as far away as the previous day as possible.

I have listened to some quality stuff : (via audible app)

The Silkworm - by J.K Rowling .. (Robert Galbraith) is as good a fictional book, as I have read, in a v long time, and would totally commend it. Its the 2nd book in a series, so, maybe read her debut, under an assumed name first .. but, its not necccessary.

Sri Lanka were generally, v mediocre, and made England look good.

I am pleased Pakistan are here to play, and hope Amir (fast bowler, banned for 5 yrs, for taking bribes for spot fixing), is given a fair chance.

I think England at 1.75 or so, to win at Lords, was crazy .. especially now Anderson/Stokes wont play. They are now 2.00 .. and still think they are worth opposing.

Trawling the net .. this was a fun poker video :

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