Saturday, 16 July 2016

1st Test - England v Pakistan - Lords

Pre-game lays of England, looked at times, +Ev, and -Ev, and at times, it was the sort of 1st 2 days, where u could just leave up reverse trades, and leave them.

Anyway, after 2 days, of mkt love for England, the mkt may have to rethink.

Eng currently 86 behind in 1st dig .. 3 wkts left.

Eng 1.96

Pak 2.68

Draw 8.2

Eng against spin, seem unsure (lets put it kindly), but, Pak will always battle to score runs, given their long tail .. so, the test seems well poised.

Interesting 1st session, Day 3 .. if Eng get skittled quick .. Pak will be favs ??

Not sure how the mkt will stomach this .. and, with current prices, slightly prefer being with England - thou, no doubt, the mkt will jump on the England tail wkts.


End day 3 --- Pak 281-8 net .. and mkt has both sides 2.02, give or take. (( Both sides have been favs, multiple times))

Mk love back for England, and could easily see new ball/early wkts/20-0 England, touch 1.6x .. but, given spin/wearing pitch, feel its the sort of lay, u should leave, and take the dog for a walk .. it will be too painful to watch.

I am surprised Pak are not decent favs, and have a position with them .. which, I expect to increase, as the bat-shit crazy prices evolve.

Lets hope ..

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