Monday, 16 November 2015

They dont want u to win ...

Its a problem.

If u are good at gambling, it seems, just about everywhere u want to ply your trade, has discovered bean-counters, who have obviously dissected each business revenue source, and recommended changes, to make more revenue/profit.

We have long known Betfair have Premium Charge, which some days, I can understand, as the markets are 'wrong', and u should be charged a premium for access to the idiots.

Casinos discourage Advantage Players, be they card counters, or player point whores.

Now, Poker Stars, have radically changed the elite poker rake-back system .. Super Nova Elite.

Poker has become far harder to beat online, and many pro players, now, are basically flat on the game, but, make money, getting rake-back, from the many thousands of hands they play each month.

(This can be real money .. they previously changed terms of play, from 12 tables max, to 24 tables max SIMULTANEOUS play, and used to offer bonuses of about $100k a yr, if u played for 12 hrs a day)

This will change from next yr (which is v controversial, as, to get to a certain rake-back status, u have to invest many hundreds of hours play, and cutting it off, with less than 3 mths notice, is seen by some, as breaking a contract).

Poker Stars say, they are changing the poker landscape, to make it easier for the recreational player .. and thus harder, for the professional, who they are trying to discourage. I can understand their logic .. player acquisition/player retention are key buzzwords, and certainly, public companies, owe their shareholders more than they do to professional gamblers .. but, u do need a base, for people to play with/against.

If companies like Betfair/poker Stars make it too hard for market makers/pro players, overall liquidity has to fall .. their has to be a balance.

Amaya, the holding company of Poker Stars, dropped 33% in the last few days ..

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