Friday, 28 September 2018

Its not me, its YOU ...

My son recently dumped a girl-friend, (or maybe he was the dumpee .. dunno), and arguments ensued.

They almost reconciliated, but, she said he was grumpy and depressing (I know he doesn't get that from ME). She is a fairly talented singer, on the local circuit, and wrote the song, referenced above.

This is fine .. kids will have tiffs, but its happening a LOT more to me. Almost daily, I am asked for something, and people havent got the memo .. I am not a free resource you can just ask for stuff - please don't .. make it worth my while, or send it elsewhere.

In other news .. Matthew Trenhaile has become just my cup of tea. He shares his insights with the industry, and its v well worth listening to.

I dont know if u saw, but, an in-play wager was placed recently, on Denver to win its NFL game against Oakland. They trailed 19-17 late in the 4th qtr, and Fanduel (owned by Paddy Power/Betfair), mispriced the line of Denver +75000 .. thats like 750/1. er no .

A bettor placed $110 on them (in cash), and it got thru any checks they have .. wtf ..

Denver kicked a field goal (3 points), with .04secs left.

Fanduel claimed they had mis-priced, and it should have been a liability of $18.35, not $82,500.

They screamed foul, but, given the new appeal of sports betting, they paid !!! wtf !!!

Its an interesting debate etc .. but shows new rules and regs are still being determined. maybe we are in the wrong country.

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