Saturday, 1 September 2018

I finally got one right

Readers of this Blog will know how regularly poor my stock forecasts are .. but, I finally managed to nail a forecast in another discipline.

Re-reading the blog, I came across this comment :

Now, anyone knows if u make enough guesses. by sheer force of nature, u have to nail one eventually .. but, I think this was a pretty decent call. The excellent Gambling with an Edge, has Advantage Players write on sports. This is the sports betting map, they produced :

I am focusing more and more of my time on USA opportunities, and expect to spend a great deal of time there in the next few years.

I have joined an advantage players chat group, and being new to exchanges etc, they want to know more.

Will try write some more, about exchanges, in the next few months.

1 comment:

  1. Bob and Richard do a great podcast. Casino advantage play does seem to me to be the greatest discipline grind in gambling though I must say. 8 hours of video poker must really feel like you are earning your money.