Saturday, 16 March 2013

Not Another Draw ...

Test match cricket, is made 'watchable' by some, for the betting interest, derived by the amount of time that can be lost, due to weather factors.

Normally, a Test consists of 90 overs per day, - so, 5 days, makes 450 overs.

Most games, these days, tend to see results in under 400 overs, (just why that is, is debatable), but, its a happy trend, if you like to watch the weather, and are happy, most days will be interruption free.

(Some days, u get a Get-Out-Of-Jail free card, as time can be made up, with early starts/late finishes, but, this naturally, depends on the weather).

Last yr, there were 57 Tests, with, from memory - 11 draws, of which, only 3, were non rain affected.

So, habitual draw layers, who, laid, with gay abandon, as low as an average 2/1 each game, were certainly, in the money.

This year, all was going swimmingly, with the 1st 10 games, all getting results (not a draw).

Then, the shit has hit the collective fan, with drawn games, in the last few weeks :

Eng v India .. Nagpur   ... 17/12/2012

Eng v N.Zealand  .. Dunedin  .. 10/3/2013

Sri Lanka v Bangladesh .. Galle  .. 12/3/2013

and 2 games, looking Drawish on the way, at

Eng v N.Zealand .. Wellington   .. 17/3/2013

India v Australia  .. Mohali   .. 18/3/2013

The volatilty in these games, can be mind-boggling .. u need a v strong stomach, and weather info.


Case in point .. the 4th Day, at Wellington.

Draw crashed to 1.4 pre-play, they actually get some play, and Draw goes odds against.

Meanders around a bit, then Eng get a wkt, and Mr Draw goes 2.3 or so.

Flat pitch (as tweeted, many times, and mizzle/rain comes).

2 hrs later, Mr Draw 1.28, which is a great price ...

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