Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Casino Statistics - 2

Back in Dec, I happened to come across the Casino 'Drop' figures, as prepared by the Gambling Commission :


There was - what I thought, was an anomaly, in that the High End London, House win %, was in the order of 8%, as compared to a country average, of about 16%.

The report has now been produced, for Dec .. and its v similar.

Maybe, I mis-read the report, but, its a rolling yr figure .. they report on the period from Jan 12 to Dec 12 ..


Anyway, the 6 casinos, that operate as 'High End London', are obviously doing something different, to the rest of the country. Maybe .. its the influence of high-rollers, playing baccarat .. which maybe has a lower house retention/edge ..

If anyone wants to share a view, I would be interested.

I am sorta thinking, maybe 'money-laundering' is going on .. maybe .. but, surely, the Gambling Commission would be aware/investigate etc ?

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  1. . its the influence of high-rollers Casino vip , playing baccarat .. which maybe has a lower house retention/edge ..