Saturday, 16 March 2013

2nd ODI - S.Africa v Pakistan - Centurion

This game, highlighted just how important it is, to know the ground.

Weather has been around, but, not for long spells, and despite rain/thunder only being forecast to arrive at about 8pm local, it came far earlier, and disrupted the game for 2.30 hrs.

The Completed Match Market (CMM), saw a lot of activity, and, novices, easily got misled, by .. The amount of rain that fell, and the overhead conditions.

Here are pics, in time order .


As the rain had hit.

Clearing in the distance .. Yet, you could back game, (Yes), at about 1.6.

Dark clouds to the west .. But, they were .. Probably .. Moving away.

Clean-up started .. Yes, still available at 1.4 or so.

44 over a side game .. No more rain, and, for experienced weather watchers, almost free money.


There are a lot of similarities, to the Test in New Zealand. Weather patterns, do tend to repeat.

I am heavily on Mr Draw .. and think, its a racing certainty (currently 1.35, from (madness .. 1.8) or so, at close of play.

Good luck with your positions  ..  and take a brolly.

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