Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Never Look Back ..

I really fancied the Titans to beat the Knights yesterday, and 1.65 that was available at the local bookies, seemed v generous, (not to mention the 1.80 on Betfair - thank-you),.

To get on, without the price collapsing (in a v thin mkt), I went on a bookie road-trip .. the first I had taken, for a very long time.

In all, I visted 5 shops .. and was absolutely stunned, at how they have changed.

15 yrs ago, I held 4 licences, and sold them .. for an equivalent £7000.

Today, at each location, they have queues at lunch-time, taking bets from locals, mainly on soccer, which has become the local lottery. The bets taken, are not big .. maybe an average £2 per stake, but, the volume/profit margin is unreal ..

If I had those licences today, they would be worth £1m.


(( I should say, in the interim 15 yrs .. 4 of my former colleagues have either committed suicide, or been gunned down, at work .. so, its not a total picnic ))


  1. When did you manage to get 1.8 on Betfair? was it quite some time before the start? I looked but could only see 1.5ish which was bit too low for my liking.

    Good work anyway!

  2. I got £200 at 1.80 at 10.57, and £156 at 10.59 .. sharp minds, must have been sleepy ..