Friday, 22 March 2013

If u won the Lottery ..

I was watching the domestic T20 game, between the Titans and Dolphins, blissfully winding up the @sunfoildolphins tweeter, who, has a hard job, tweeting good stuff, as the side is pretty crap, when I came across a link, to an article written in The Econmist, about Lottery winners.

Before I address that, I have to say, how much fun twitter is.

Part of the bliss, is that, when u use a #, with a name, like #sunfoildolphins, everyone, can see that tweet, if they perform a random search, on #sunfoildolphins.

This is great, as, although someone can block, other tweeters, they cannot block #, so, your comments will be seen everywhere.

I have travelled, often many hundreds of miles, to watch these games, and if I feel a player is under-performing, will target the sides tweeter, to complain.

They can do nothing, and usually, do not fight back.

Its great fun.

Anyway, the lottery ..

It appears, Britons are a nation of lottery lovers, but, pretty stupid (in general), about the way they play.

The chance of winning, is about 1 in 14 million, and if I won, I would like to think, I could not have to work for a few years.

Some 10,000 people each week, play the numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6.

If this was to hit .. they would win .. £700 each .. pretty sad.

Low numbers generally, should be avoided, as people often use birthdays etc .. Most people would be better off, turning the lottery ticket upside down, and then picking numbers.

Oddities do occur .. I recall, in 2010, the Israeli National lottery, pulled the same 6 numbers, twice in a month. Because, there was a different 'powerball' number, winners, got paid big, each time .. but, the odds of those 6 numbers hitting, twice, are something like .. 1 in 4 trillion .. something akin, to finding life on Mars.

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