Thursday, 7 March 2013

1st Test - Sri Lanka v Bangladesh - Galle - Day 1

Drama, in the lead up, as Sri Lankan authorities have little money, and negotiations between players union, and the board, didn't go well.

Eventually, the players signed .. But, suppose, there is bad feeling, all around.

Money in Sri Lanka is scarce .. It's hard for Europeans to understand, just how poor some countries are - not, that that's always terminal - it's just a different situation.

It came home best to me, during the T20 World Cup, when, tickets selling at $0.25, were unsold, for many games .. And not just the crappy ones.


The game is being played at Galle, and, it's almost always wet. Having said that, they tend to get results there, as its a low scoring ground.

Of the 21 times, there have been Tests at Galle, 5 games were drawn.

I make it, the sides have played each other 12 times : Sri Lanka have won every time, 7 times, inflicting an innings defeat.


Sri Lanka 1.52
Bangladesh 10
Draw 3.7

You would have to factor, a lot of rain, for the draw to be a runner.


Am heavily with SL.

They win the toss, and rain keeps off. Topped up, at 1.6x .. unreal price.

Currently, 336-3 after 81 overs .. rain never came.

SL 1.3  .. still a fair price

Bang 100  .. hard to see them winning this

Draw 4.4  .. need a lotta rain

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