Wednesday, 6 March 2013

1st Test - N.Zealand v England - Dunedin - Day 1

Ahh, Dunedin .. a favourite location of mine - especially if u want to watch it rain.

I spent many happy hours, during the N.Zealand v S.Africa test, watching the birds gather on the wet outfield  .. bliss.

As an aside .. a 5 day ticket/pass for the test last yr .. was $50, this yr, as England are in town, it a great deal  more .. that's a bit naughty.

N.Zealand in March, can be a very wet place .. this yr, its been far hotter, but, as luck would have it, it rained most of the 1st day, and no play was possible.

In part, that due to the outfield/ground, not having world class drainage .. its a university ground, after all.

Pre-game, Eng were 1.68 or so favs, but, now the 1st day has been 'lost' .. 8 overs a day can probably be made up, if light/weather allows, they have drifted to 3.05.

A result might be possible, but, once the rain started, having spent so much time there, I stocked up heavily on the draw, and have a v nice book.

Will re-assess, before play, on Day 2.

Anyone stuck there, could spend some time, going to the Bird Sanctuaries .. they v good.

There are a lot of people, far away from the location, asking for weather info. I try to give my honest opinion, and generally use this opinion, to make, money.

I take offence at people misconstruing the odd post .. on Sunday, I posted tweets about the ODI, which were 100% accurate, and mostly, all I get is flak.

I will block, on twitter, anyone having the slightest dig .. I just dont need it.

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