Friday, 8 March 2013

1st Test - N.Zealand v England - Dunedin - Day 4

Moving Day !!

NZ still batting, (maybe), lead by 235 runs, with 2 days, and 190 overs or so.

Looks clear weather, for most of today .. prices haves settled :

NZ 2.06

Eng 60

Draw 1.98

I am with the draw, by force, more than anything else.

I think its a toss-up, and will be looking to lay the draw, should it go 1.8x.

Ugly book ..


Mcullum decides not to declare,and go for quick runs, this morning.

So far, thats working .. poor line bowling from Eng ..

NZ finally declare, 9 down, 293 ahead .. a quick 58 runs for them (in 9 overs)

Absolute toss-up, with Eng 100 chances.

If the new ball doesnt get wkts, expect Draw train to gather some steam ..

Comedy green on Eng still ..

India not covering todays play, so, draw 'alledgedly' holding up, longer.

But, pitch seems v slow .. maybe its the cold, but it was the same last March, and will probably be the same, when/if India play there, next March.

Eng 36-0

Eng 2.44

Eng 65

Draw 1.72

Book can now see the tunnel ..

Ok, so lunch ... an odd fact, at the start of the session, Eng were 235 behind, and NZ needed 10 wkts.

At the end of the session, Eng are 235 behind, and NZ need 10 wkts !!

NZ 2.84

Eng 50  ..  my average is 600

Draw 1.58


I think Eng will win ..cant have NZ on my mind - its draw or Eng.


A few overs after lunch, Eng 82-0.

NZ 3.85

Eng 44

Draw 1.38

Tunnel located, and light shining on a green book.

Holding out for retirement.

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