Thursday, 7 March 2013

1st Test - New Zealand v England - Dunedin - Day 3

So, the mighty England (who I think I heard Michael Atherton, say, have a budget of £30m a yr, need to dig deep, to fight off, some well less funded 'minnows')

N.Zealand at odds-on, can hardly be anyones cup of tea .. but, its probably right.

However, having laid most prices, from 9 down to evens, its a decent chance to average out.

My book, is not one, everyone would want,, and comes under the 'Dont try this at home' warming.

Roughly :


NZ    -245 units  (units are not whole numbers)

Eng  + 780 units

Draw + 75 units


Something to watch.


2 hours before a start, and money has come for the draw :

NZ  2.02

Eng 16

Draw 2.24

Might be a new forecast ..


15 mins to start of play .. think Draw will be fav, by Lunch .. lets see.


A few overs in, NZ score a few, and

NZ 2.38

Eng 20

Draw 1.9

Yes 1.9 ....

Blog readers, should have traded well ..

Exceptional 100 for Debutant Ruthorford .. must be a real thrill.

Mkt is fun to trade .. have it on a rope right now, and, thou my position is not ideal, have a feeling, I will have a v big win .. we shall see ..


NZ get to 402-7, before play is called, due to bad light rain.

They are 235 ahead, with 2 days play of scheduled time left.

Even without rain interuptions, Eng prob need to bat, for 4+ sessions .. similar to what S.Africa did last yr, when they were rolled in the 1st dig fr 200, but scored 400, second time rouund.

NZ  2.52

Eng 50

Draw 1.70


Still have precarious position, thou have traded it better .. may escape financial harm.


Strill drizzle in Dunedin .. pitch may require a little prep in the morning.

NZ  2.16

Eng  60

Draw 1.92

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