Saturday, 9 February 2013

WSOP Event 4 - $580

Ok, so it's now Saturday, and have spent most of the week, re-thinking the hand I busted out of Event 1.

I suppose, most players agonise over The Hand - that busts you, but, this has been worse, as really, I should have cashed .. Lying in 20th place, of 43, with top 30 paid.

I made a lot of mistakes .. I should have really targeted the small stacks .. Especially to my left, but, couldn't wait to get tangled with the bigger ones.

Anyway ...

30 mins till the next event .. I didn't play in the main event - $3300 is too much for my bankroll/game .. Thou, a lot of people I play with at Montecasnio are playing .. And I particularly wish Warren Zackey (who had a deep run, in the WSOP man event), well.

Will try and update the blog as the day goes, but, may be busy etc.


Totally card dead ,. And its fucking enough !!

2 hrs, one pair 7,s, one AK.

Down to 5500 at the break.


Cards required ...


Guy on my immediate right, has 375 left .. Blinds 100/200, and he has shoved, pre-flop, blind.

I have 4700 left .. And pick up A Q off-suit - mid-position.

Plenty good enough to raise-all in .. But, not thinking, I just throw in a 1k chip, And it's just a call .. Not even a raise ... Fuck !!

3 players priced in to call ..

Flop A 4 3 rainbow ..

I now shove .. And get called by A 4 .... Obviously played the hand like a right twat, and the remaining cards didn't help. Out early .. But, not focused, and got what I deserve.

Long drive home ....



Will have some thinking to do .. But other players also had their share of beats .. One guy, in 3 different tourneys, hits a set on the flop, shoves, and is called every time, by a flush draw. In all three, the villain makes the flush, and he's walking/talking to himself.

Poker can be a sick game.

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