Thursday, 7 February 2013

Blind Luck

I have some kids, and they have a hard time adjusting to my lifestyle/telling other kids, what I do.

There are obviously compensations. I get to spend long periods of time with them .. At times .. Anyway, and it's quality time .. I was stunned at the stat, that the average Dad, only spends 6 mins a day, with his kids.

When they watch me trade, I will often have a stock ticker, running.

2 encourage stock/share ownership, I encouraged them to choose a few shares .. And my 9 yr old, who is a decent thinker, went away, and came back, maybe 2 days later.

I thought he would choose a popular share, like maybe Apple .. And was fairly stunned, when his pick was a company called Take Two Interactive. Who the hell are they ? Is a fair question. It turns out, they make video games, with the best selling brand, Grand Theft Auto, in their stable.

I opened a spread bet, for £3 a point, back in Oct, when, they were 1136.6.

3 months later .. They are 1441.1, and he checks on his current £913 profit every day.

He hasn't really dabbled elsewhere .. For a few weeks, we held some Samsung (got some profits), and some oil shares, which are basically flat.

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