Tuesday, 26 February 2013

T20 - S.Africa v Pakistan - Durban

Scheduled for this Friday .. (in 3 days time), and weather already looking dodgy.

CMM has game at 1.30, in a thin mkt ..

Durban have lost losta games, over the last yr, and this would be another disappointment.

Pre-game, S.Africa are rightly favs, as Pakistan are a bit unknown.

S.Africa 1.60

Pakistan 2.60

Watching racing from Durban .. no rain last 24 hrs, and baking hot .. 37c or so .. which is probably the problem, as the heat will cause the thunderstorms, later in the week.

Now Friday morning :


Yes (there will be a game) 1.83 offerred ..

No ( no activity)

Readers who got the jump, can book profits, or, hold on .. its raining in Durban.

Will post pics on Blog.

Will no longer post them on twitter, just links.

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