Thursday, 7 February 2013

Laddaq - waiting for the changes

2 weeks ago, Ladbrokes finally acquired the Betdaq exchange, for a decent sum, and I was hoping for change.

I havent had a job for a long time, so, may have forgotten how ridiculously slow, big companies now operate, but .. If anything has really happened (on Betdaq), I have missed it.

Liquidity, if anything, has fallen .. At least on the mkts I have watched.

Maybe they are busy setting up meetings, with counterparts etc .. And the techies are in meetings, wondering how to get the 2 companies systems to talk to each other .. Users don't know .. They tell u nothing, but expect you to waste your time, looking at markets, which are just a copy of Betfair, less 9%.

Maybe my expectations were too high .. Maybe 2 months is a more realistic time-frame .. I really hope something has happened by then.

Just for the record, Ladbrokes share price, on Jan 21 2013 - 211.66

Ladbrokes share price Feb 7 2013 - 218.34

Betfair share price, Jan 21 2013 - 664.7

Betfair share price, Feb 7 2013 - 680.6

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