Thursday, 28 February 2013

Starting Price Theft

This doesnt just happen in the UK - where, I believe, the reported Horse-racing Sp, is taken from the top 5 bookies on the track  --  whether they are reps of the High Street chains, or not.

A race just occurred at the Vaal sand track, in S.Africa.

They were betting :


Senescal     2/1
Tornado Twister   22/10
Roaming in Rome  8/1

On Betfair, at the off

Senescal 7.4
Tornado Twister 3.1
Roaming in Rome 7.8

Punters, backing Senescal, anywhere really, got a stuff ..

Result :

1.Roaming in Rome

The Gambling Comissision employs a lot of people. Fairness in gambling, is part of their remit.

The current SP process, largely controlled by the High Street Bookies, taking no account of internet exchanges, is Not Fair.

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