Saturday, 23 February 2013

A great start to a birthday ..Birthday Blues

54 yrs old, and feel like a 100.

Finallly get up, after watching some cricket game or other - there really is too much.

Going thru the markets, I see I have some bets on the Australia runs lines .. I have backed them to score 350, and laid 375, so have a little middle, in which I would win .. £50 or so .. something to watch.

My cat steps on the keyboard, and a button is pressed .. and 'the cat' has laid Australia to score 250 runs .. they already have 367, and I have lost £2000 in cold blood.

My blood pressure goes thru the roof ..

You might ask .. how can it happen .. well. I have automated betting software, without confirmation, so, this can happen.

Send off an email to Betfair, but am expecting nothing - its not their fault .. but, maybe the run-lines, which have already won, should be removed from the market - to prevent mistakes.

With the absolute needle, decide to lay Hurricanes against the Blues, to win £4000. They are 1.38 chances, and Hurricanes can be an odd team. (Also, Birthday Blues - is sorta rythmical)

Despite an horrendous call by the TMO, which gave the Hurricanes a penalty try, and sent off a man for 10 mins, the Blues still WIN !!!!!!

So, am winning £2000, and its not yet ..

The cat is getting a fan-club ...

Here's a pic .. Big Fat Scary Cat .. Is his name.

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