Sunday, 17 February 2013

Revenge of the pocket 10's

Readers of this blog, will know I got knocked out of the WSOP circuit event, in the first 29 mins of Day 2, with pocket 10,s.



That story, is a little more compete now, as I spoke to the guy who had pocket AA, and had raised 3 times in a row,

On the other occasions, he had K J Suited, and 99, so, was unlucky to re-raise him, on the time he had a monster.

Anyway ..

Playing a small cash game, I had a table stack of £300, when a new guy comes to the table,with £150.

First hand, he raises my straddle - it was, £2/4, and his raise was £12, and I have pocket 10,s.

I re-raise, to £30, and he calls.

Flop is Q Q 10.

I bet all-in, and he calls .. With 99, and get the money.


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