Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WSOP Africa - Satelite to the main event

Drove back to the casino, and I suppose its normal, for most poker players, to be "talking to yourself", thinking about the hand that knocked me out of the 1st event.

There have been some comments, but, I am starting to think, the best line, may have been, just to fold.

I was in the small blind, and will be out of position, for the remainder of the hand. OK, so, the re-raise will probably mean, there isn't too much more input to the hand .. Either he folds or shoves ..but, it was possible, the limper, might have slow-played pocket J/Q.

Anyway, trying to put it out of my mind.

Played in the Mega Satelite, but, it had a v fast structure, and only 4000 starting chips. I didn't play that we'll, and in all honesty, was lucky to get the stack to 11k, before going completely card dead. I had Raymond Rahme on my immediate right, and my nemesis, Alon Argaman next to him. Alon got Pocket QQ, KK, AK, in 4 hands .. 2 against me, and I think he slow played them a bit, as I survived. (Alon cashed in the 1st Event).

I finally went out, with the blinds at 300/600, 75 Ante .. After maybe 2 hrs.

Went to watch the final table of the event I was knocked out of, sorta rooting for Jared Solomon, as I think he is a solid pro/good guy .. Thou would also love to see Michael Holden win it .. As he plays so patiently, and David Dadic, who's commentaries on the All Africa Poker I used to love ( thou he knocked me out of an event .. Maybe 4 yrs ago .. KK v QQ ) .. I don't suppose he remembers.

It's being streamed, and the quality is fair, but can't really hear much .. But my Internet is shit.

Its pissing down in Johannesburg, but, theres no cricket here ... so no one really cares.


Just seen Jarred Soloman (solotilt on twitter, take down the 1st event.

Really pleased for him .. watched some of his poker in Melbourne, and was lucky enough to win 30k, chips off him yesterday .. which he remembered, and said I gave him a few problems. Just shows hes a nice guy .. everyone knows, I havent gotta clue ...

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