Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More Poker ...

Am playing live tourneys 3 times a week .. In a casino, in which some of the best players in the country play ..

Of the 60 players, 25 are serious contenders ..

Last night, in a £50 freeze-out, there were multiple WSOP ring/bracelet winners .. And it's great experience to be on the same table.

Finished 12th, crippled from an early 60/40 flip .. I was fav - no complaints.

Am starting to re-think, the way I play pocket 10,s . In both cash games and tourneys, now think, they are not hands to push with, pre-flop. Better to wait for flop. And see if u flop a set.

If no set, and only 1 over, u can bet something - and see if u get called/raised, in which case u are done with the hand.

Playing cash, after the tourney, I get it all in, 10,s, against A Q suited, and am 57/43 fav.

It's a good edge, but, the variance is starting to affect me - and, as usual, he hits an A.

On the plus side, I set mined about 6 times, and found the set 2x, to finish the nite with a profit .. And finally, seeing some cards.

My casino has some major degens. There is one guy, who plays craps/roulette for hours, and he's not playing for peanuts.

His usual bet, on the craps, is £300 per number, £500 on the line, and full odds. So, he's involved for £2-£3k, per roll .. Pressing till he hits table limit, which is £750 per number, at which point, he takes wins, but leaves everything on.

He controls everything around the game .. U cannot put your chips, in the first rack on the table .. Just the 2nd rack, in case the dice hit it, and u have to stand away from table edge, with hands behind your back.

The casino agree with him !! Which is total bollox, but shows what a donator he must be. Nice when he puts the casino under pressure, but, those days are too few and far between.

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