Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pocket 10,s

So, playing in my normal Sunday Tourney, for £100. Only 16 players, just to other events, drawing players away.

2nd level, I have a guy on my immediate left, who has 1 away from me, on the left, when I went out of the 1st event, with the 10,s, against pocket AA. He is a thinking player, and saw/commented on my demise, saying 'unlucky'.

He went on to cash, going out 17th.

Blinds are 100/200, I have 6600, from a starting stack of 8000.

In early position, 2 off the button, raises to 700. I get the dreaded pocket 10,s, and re-raise to 1800.

Villain (thinking player) re-shoves, all-in .. And his stack covers mine.

Initial raiser folds.. Just me, and a think again.

Following all the drama this week, I decide to fold, and he shows me J 10 off-suit .. I feel like this hand is trying to kill me.

Went out. 3 or 4 hands later .. KQ suited, against pocket Kings.

Not my week.

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