Friday, 12 April 2013

Some things change, others dont.

Have been in the UK for a week, and .. its depressingly like it was, a yr ago.

A) Its raining .. which means, most of the cricket at Warwickshire is off ..

B) The roads still get congested, and u have time to wonder.

When my mind wanders, it often thinks about the personal tragedy, of losing a family member, on the roads.

The Uk is a myriad of dual-carriageways, and people have a tendency to remember lost ones, by putting flowers on lampposts.

One particular lamppost, has fresh flowers every week, and I have been driving past it for many yrs.

Its tricky to take a picture of, so, have been trying to find one, on-line.

This just delves u into deeper layers :

Which asks the question, whether public memorials on lamp-posts should be allowed ..

One really harrowing comment, mentions a 'Ghost Bike', left at a road junction, where flowers are regularly left. U can only imagine ..

I suppose all personal tragedy is .. just that, but, the visual display of remembrance, makes it more telling.

Drive safe .. and maybe, slow down, a fraction.

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