Friday, 12 April 2013

Poker Insurance

Well, I suppose it had to come.

Followers of Phil Helmuth, will have often seen him, ask for insurance, in cash games.

It works like this : He gets into a hand, where, after the money is in, he is .. say 4/1 fav. He asks for insurance, from a willing layer, taking, perhaps 7/2 .. which, reduces his variance. So, if the cards fall badly, he gets the insurance money, if not, he pays the premium, but picks up the pot.

This new website, is offering insurance, on all Poker Stars cash games, and even bubble insurance, in tournys.

The 'premium' , varies, but appears to be based on the cover u take + premium .. so,

If u elect for 10% cover, its 10% of the buy-in +  2.5% of the buy-in, for bubble insurance .. cash game insurance, varies, based on number of hands etc.

If u have bubble insurance, but, a limited bank-roll, having the insurance might make your play, a little more aggressively.

Things are changing in the Poker world .. Bitcoin etc / legal changes ..

((If you had bought Boyd Gaming at $7.00, as advised here a while ago, u would be happily looking at todays $9.00 share price))

((I am also happy, to report the demise of Gold .. this is going, much lower, IMHO))

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  1. Great) liked everything very much) keep it up and dont stop)