Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Give me hope, Joanna ..

Sorting thru old stuff, can be an interesting time.

I wouldn't say I am a hoarder, but, do seem to collect stuff, and a planned house move, is the ideal time, to have a thorough sort-out.

The out-tray, got a full helping, but, a few tasty morsels arose.

One, was a betting slip, for a football game, played in 2010.

The betting slip, is a bit faded, but, you can just make out, it's a bet of £300, for the Scottish football side of Falkirk, to beat Stirling Albion, at 4/5, for £300.

This is a very odd bet, for me to have (it's my writing), as I v rarely bet on Scottish soccer, especially in a betting shop, and, as the slip was saved in the safe, there is hope, that maybe, it was a winner.

I googled Falkirk football results for 2010, around July, and the game doesn't seem to exist.

Not good .. So, tried to find out, if Ladbrokes would honour a bet, placed 3 yrs ago .. If it had won.

This info, is not easy to find, so, decided to just visit a shop, and see.

Bad news .. They only honour bets for 1 yr .. So, have dunnit.

Dunno if the bet was a winner, or not.


Following investigation by Twitter followers, it seems to indicate, game was 0-0 draw .. best result, I suppose.

Its debatable whether u should keep old betting slips .. I recall Peter O'Sullivans autobiography (race commentator), who aid he indexed/filed, everyone of his 10,000 betting slips.

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