Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last nite in local Casino, for a while

As its Easter, decided to go a little early, and play cash, before the normal Monday nite, Donk fest.

I buy-in for $150, and there are 2 cash tables going. 'Chummy' (not his real name), who I have beaten out of $1500 in the last mth, (once monster fav, once monster dog), is happily at the other table, and has a v decent stack .. about $1000, which .. as he always only buys in for, $150, is a good profit.

Hes v chatty, and often verbally spars with me .. but, today, hes Mr Nice .. like hes had a personaility overhaul. It was odd, but, as he was at the other table, never got to play a hand with him.

It was unusual thou .. cos, for the last month, he has hated my guts, even moving to spare seats away from me .. and, now, this ?? Maybe he knows hes a twat, its just variance, and is trying to mend his ways ..

Anyway ..

I made a Nut Flush,(on the river) in a big pot, and a good reg, had to call me, with 2nd Nuts, and now, hes got the needle with me .. so, its one of those days again.

I was winning a bit, and there were a few v weak players, waiting for the $80 Tourny/Donk Fest.

One really weak player, decided to play for his stack .. about $125, 5 mins before the Tourny started, with

A ♦ 8 ♠ , against my A ♣ K ♦ .. all-in, pre-flop, and naturally, he hits the 8.

I then go to the tourny, and get it all-in, with A ♣ Q ♠, against someone who was a little short-stacked, but should know better, with A ♦ 2 ♣ ??, on a board of

A ♥ 6 ♦ 7 ♦  ..

He hit the 2 ♣ on the turn .. and to be fair, was v appologetic.

So, no fireworks to finish with .. but, its been fun.

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