Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Puzzles ..

I like doing puzzles, and have run the full gamut of different types :

From the very basic, 1983 Ascii type game, of Enchanter ..

Which, as u can see, is a very old game .. but was fun ..

To : 7th Guest , which, in its day, was the dogs ..

The spooky staircase, in the puzzle laden house.

To, Apple IOS games, like The Room :

These puzzles have an ending.

The puzzle, that is Betfair, never seems to :

Its a long story, but, founders/shareholders/users/employees .. all have different paths to follow, and many, just seem dead-ends, like many of the puzzles, above.

The latest chapters, have seen rumours of Ladbrokes making a bid (why??), and a private investment vehicle - CVC - apparently thinking about making a bid, to turn Betfair private :

This makes no sense to me .. but, many things in the financial world, are far more wacky .. however, I do think, this is a puzzle, that will run and run ..

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