Saturday, 13 April 2013

Masters Dilemmas

So, it appears Tiger Woods may have infringed rules, when he took a drop on the 15th hole, when his ball richocheted into the water, off the flag.

Golf rules, are colossal .. and open to some degree of local interpretation, .. thou, they created controversy on Day 2, giving the 14 yr old kid, a 1 shot penalty for slow play .. when, there are far more guilty culprits, on the tour.

From a betting viewpoint, he has traded from 4.7 overnight, out to 8.4, and presently sits on 6.4, awaiting a ruling ..

I hope he stays in, as I like watching him play, but, can see, rules should be followed.

I should also mention, world-tv audiences, rise something like 70%, when Tigers playing. So, as golf is a money game, would be a bit surprised, if they DQ him.

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