Friday, 5 April 2013

Aintree - Day 2

Didnt make Day 1, as BA flight delayed, and Tube signals failed, making a 1hr tube ride from Heathrow, 2 hrs.

Welcome back to the UK.

Anyway, went today, and its changed a bit .. but some things, never change.

Day 2 is ladies day, and given, its freezing cold, u would expect, them to wear something .. I had 4 layers, plus decent coat .. Ladies, seem to wear a bit less  ..

And these were some of the more well protected .. anyway ..

The game has changed for UK bookies. Its a 3 day meeting, and apart from the cost of the racecourse licence, which is hard to value .. but say, its £10k average .. u pay more, based on position .. over 40 yrs, the expenses to work, are about £3k.

We had a decent pitch (or track position, to bet from), in front of one of the Tattersalls grandstands.

So, to show a profit, if u are betting to a margin, of say 10%, u have to take £30k, in bets, or £10k a day, to break-even.

Day 1, they took, £6k, .. Day 2 .. Ladies day, has a crowd of 60,000 normally, as opposed to 35k on Day 1, so we took more money .. about £9k, but, its not enough. It was cold/windy, which may keep some punters away, but, those that come, appear to have less money to spend.

The results on Day 2, were v punter friendly, so, we lost, and have a long way to climb, on the final day tomorrow .. which is Grand National day.

Its a long day .. 2 hrs drive to the track, setting up kit, (which costs .. £10k), betting all day, before dis-assembling kit and driving home ..

When u lose, its not much fun .. thou, as expected, the KFC shop, is still there ..

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